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AIM To determine the effect of low-dose whey protein-enriched water beverages on postprandial satiety and energy intake (EI). METHODS Fifty overweight and mildly obese women were given 500 mL water-based beverages on 4 different occasions in a double blind, cross-over study. The beverages were reasonably matched for colour, flavour, sweetness and(More)
The aims of the study were to determine whether restricted single-item or multi-item testmeals are better able to detect prior changes in hunger and fullness when assessing ad libitum eating behaviour. Thirty male participants were given a low- (L(E), 0.5 MJ) or high-energy (H(E), 4.0 MJ) breakfast preload designed to induce or suppress hunger, followed 3h(More)
Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF) factorizes a nonnegative matrix into product of two positive matrixes, which is widely used in hyperspectral unmixing. However, the convergence speed of NMF is comparatively slower, and a large number of local minimum will be existed when it is directly adopted in the factorization of hyperspectral image mixed pixels.(More)
We report on multi-wavelength observations, ranging from X-ray to radio wave bands, of the IPN-localized gamma-ray burst GRB 070125. Spectroscopic observations reveal the presence of absorption lines due to O I, Si II, and C IV, implying a likely redshift of z = 1.547. The well-sampled light curves, in particular from 0.5 to 4 days after the burst, suggest(More)
  • Liping Xin
  • 2016 IEEE 11th Conference on Industrial…
  • 2016
An improved self-recovery watermarking algorithm based on error correction technology is proposed, which is used to correct encoding, and the monitoring information and watermark information embedded in the host image are obtained by encoding. The algorithm can not only have a strong ability to recognize the malicious operation, but also can restore the(More)
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