Liping Wang

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—In this paper, a novel weighted cross prediction (WCP) mode is proposed to replace DC mode in Intra_4x4 prediction of H.264/AVC. In the proposed scheme, the upper right part of one 4x4 block mainly employs vertical prediction while the lower left part mainly uses horizontal prediction, predicting both in vertical and horizontal directions in one block.(More)
Adaptive Intra Mode Bit Skip (AIMBS) technique using boundary pixels smoothness has been shown to achieve coding efficiency improvement for H.264/AVC's Intra_4x4 coding in relatively large QPs. However, the DC mode in the Multiple-Prediction of the AIMBS becomes much less effective. To tackle this problem and further improve the coding efficiency,(More)
To elucidate the structure-antioxidant activity relationships of chitosan gallate (CG), a series of CG derivatives with different degrees of substitution (DS's) and molecular weights (MWs) were synthesized from chitosan (CS) and gallic acid (GA) via a free radical graft reaction. A higher MW led to a lower DS of CG. The structures of CG were characterized(More)
Penicillium sp. WC-29-5 was co-cultured with Streptomyces fradiae 007 to produce five natural products (1-3, 4a and 4b) that were isolated and characterized by spectroscopic analysis. Interestingly, these compounds were found to be different from those produced in discrete fungal and bacterial controls. Among these compounds, the absolute configurations of(More)
In modern video coding standards, for example H.264, fractional-pixel motion estimation (ME) is implemented. Many fast integer-pixel ME algorithms have been developed to reduce the computational complexity of integer-pixel ME. With these advancements, fractional-pixel ME becomes the new bottleneck in the implementation of video encoders. For example, the(More)
The kinetics of cell growth and protein production for the recombinant Aspergillus niger strain AB4.l(pgpdAGLAGFP]#II were investigated. An zcnstructured kinetic model was developed to describe the cell grolvth and product formation nmtl~enzatically. The dynamics of glucose consumption and biomass production can be I$-ell-described by the model. The(More)
Wailupemycins H (1) and I (2) with a new skeleton coupled two 6-(2-phenylnaphthalene-1-yl)pyrane-2-one nuclei to a -CH2- linkage were identified from the culture of Streptomyces sp. OUCMDZ-3434 associated with the marine algae, Enteromorpha prolifera. Compounds 1 and 2 are two new α-glucosidase inhibitors with the Ki/IC50 values of 16.8/19.7 and 6.0/8.3 μM,(More)
Heating saving energy plays a very significant role in the energy saving industry. CANbus is a modern system in reliability improvement design concept which shows the transmission distance is longer than ordinary methods, and it can hang node on the optional position in availability distance. The nodes are linked in parallel, and not interfere with each(More)
—Adaptive intra mode bit skip (AIMBS) can improve the coding efficiency of intra coding in H.264/AVC. However, it has two shortcomings: one is that DC mode is not effectively handled in AIMBS as DC mode is duplicated in both Single-Prediction and Multiple-Prediction processing; the other is that AIMBS does not well match the most probable mode (MPM)(More)
—In this paper, an enhanced sum of absolute integer transform difference (ESAITD) cost function with rate predictor " sum of non-zero coefficient frequencies " from CAVLC-based rate estimation is proposed for Intra_4x4 mode decision in H.264/AVC. This rate predictor is using simple but significant parameter to approximate the total encoded bitrate(More)
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