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In this paper, a modern logistics vehicles and cargo tracking system is designed in view of the current demand. Making full use of embedded systems technology and mobile communications technology, this system is designed to monitor the situation of cargo and vehicles in real-time and to reply the query of the owner of cargo by SMS in active or passive mode.(More)
—We consider a hierarchical spectrum sharing network consisting of a primary and a cognitive secondary transmitter-receiver pair, with non-backlogged traffic. The secondary transmitter may utilize cooperative transmission techniques to relay primary traffic while superimposing its own information, or transmit opportunistically when the primary user is idle.(More)
This paper describes the flexible implementation of approximation concepts in an MDO framework offered by the commercial-off-the-shelf software package iSIGHT. Three different types of approximation models-Response Surface Modeling, Taylor Series Approximations, and Variable Complexity Modeling – are implemented in such a way that they may be used(More)