Liping Wang

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A lattice basis reduction multisequence synthesis (LBRMS) algorithm was presented with a new, intuitive and vector-form model. In this paper, a refined version of the LBRMS algorithm is deduced, from which Massey's conjectured algorithm can be derived. Moreover, if we modify the lattice basis reduction algorithm used in the LBRMS algorithm, a new synthesis(More)
In this paper we compute the leading coefficients µ(y, w) of the Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials P y,w for an affine Weyl group of type B 2. When a(y) ≤ a(w) or a(y) = 2 and a(w) = 1, we compute all µ(y, w) clearly, where a(y) is the a-function of a Coxeter group defined by Lusztig (see [L1]). With these values µ(y, w), we are able to show that a conjecture of(More)
The quality analysis of pathological voice is not only a kind of objective evaluation for the human voice, but also an objective evidence for the application of voice disease diagnosis and the judgment of therapy. In this paper, the pathological voice quality analysis system is composed of five parts, which are voice recording, voice signal processing, and(More)
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