Liping Wang

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Filamentous fungi have long been used for the production of metabolites and enzymes. With developments in genetic engineering and molecular biology, filamentous fungi have also achieved increased attention as hosts for recombinant DNA. However, the production levels of non-fungal proteins are usually low. Despite the achievements obtained using molecular(More)
In this paper we compute the leading coefficients µ(y, w) of the Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials P y,w for an affine Weyl group of type B 2. When a(y) ≤ a(w) or a(y) = 2 and a(w) = 1, we compute all µ(y, w) clearly, where a(y) is the a-function of a Coxeter group defined by Lusztig (see [L1]). With these values µ(y, w), we are able to show that a conjecture of(More)
Isolation and cDNA characteristics of MHC-DRA genes from gayal (Bos frontalis) and gaytle (Bos frontalis £ Bos taurus) The mammalian major histocompatibility complex (MHC) plays important roles in pathogen recognition and disease resistance. In the present study, the coding sequence and the 5 0-and 3 0-untranslated regions of MHC class II DR alpha chain(More)
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