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By means ofF[x]-lattice basis reduction algorithm, a new algorithm is presented for synthesizing minimum length linear feedback shift registers (or minimal polynomials) for the given multiple sequences over a fieldF. Its computational complexity isO(N 2) operations inF whereN is the length of each sequence. A necessary and sufficient condition for the(More)
In this paper we compute the leading coefficients µ(y, w) of the Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials P y,w for an affine Weyl group of type B 2. When a(y) ≤ a(w) or a(y) = 2 and a(w) = 1, we compute all µ(y, w) clearly, where a(y) is the a-function of a Coxeter group defined by Lusztig (see [L1]). With these values µ(y, w), we are able to show that a conjecture of(More)
A new methodology to create 3D origami patterns out of Si nanomembranes using pre-stretched and pre-patterned polydimethylsiloxane substrates is reported. It is shown this approach is able to mimic paper-based origami patterns. The combination of origami-based microscale 3D architectures and stretchable devices will lead to a breakthrough on reconfigurable(More)
The paper present design from the use of Desktop Virtual Reality in Genetic of Bacteria and Viruses, develop Interactive Teaching System about "Mechanism and Process of Conjugation", "Uptake and Integration of DNA", "Specialized Transduction" and "Mechanism and Process of Sexduction". Modeling Technique adopts 3DMax and Desktop Virtual Reality Technique(More)
In this paper, we present design and Practical Significance from the use of Desktop Virtual Reality in management of Barrier Housing Facilities of Laboratory Animal. Modeling Technique adopts 3DMax and Desktop Virtual Reality technology adopts Virtual Reality Builder exploited by Technology Company of ZhongShiDian. Management of personnel, goods and animal(More)
The paper studies competitive aerobics athletes body function, after making comprehensive evaluation on one group of competitive aerobics athletes body functions, obtained result is competitive aerobics athletes body function belongs to good level, by making comprehensive evaluation on competitive aerobics athletes body function, it well verifies fuzzy(More)
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