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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding RNAs that participate in the regulation of gene expression. In this study, we demonstrate that miR-7 was downregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tissues compared to adjacent non-tumor tissue. Over-expression of miR-7 in QGY-7703 and HepG2 cell lines inhibited colony formation and induced G1/S phase arrest,(More)
The attentional blink (AB) refers to the finding that performance on the second of two targets (T1 and T2) is impaired when the targets are presented at a target onset asynchrony (TOA) of less than 500 ms. One account of the AB assumes that the processing load of T1 leads to a loss of top-down control over stimulus selection. The present study tested this(More)
This paper proposes a chaos-based image encryption scheme with a permutation–diffusion structure. In the proposed scheme, the large permutation with the same size as the plainimage is used to shuffle the positions of image pixels totally. An effective method is also presented to construct the large permutation quickly and easily by combining several small(More)
Most semi-fragile watermarking algorithm based on Haar wavelet needs to repeatedly switch between the wavelet domain and spatial domain to avoid the overflow of pixel gray value after embedding watermark. In order to improve the efficiency of watermarking embedding algorithm, a fast semi-fragile watermarking scheme is proposed. According to the(More)
Conventional audio scrambling methods use one-dimensional linear congruence mapping in real time. The combination of encrypting parameters of those methods is too less which decreases the security, and the one-dimensional linear congruence mapping is easy to be attacked. To address these problems, a Novel Audio Scrambling Algorithm in Variable Dimension(More)
With increasingly complexity in MAS, rigorous design practices are needed in case of critical applications. Event B, which provides an accessible and rigorous formal approach to development of such complex system, is ideal for the formal modelling of reactive systems. In this paper we present a part of ongoing work in this area. A practical approach for(More)
Along with the thorough development in the construction work of service “oriented government” in our country, the government pays more and more concern on the public satisfaction on the government information disclosure service. The satisfaction model of government information disclosure has important significance on the assessment of the(More)
The attentional blink (AB) refers to the finding that performance on the second of two targets (T1 and T2) in a rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) stream is impaired when the targets are presented within 200–500 ms. To explore the possible interaction between spatial attentional orienting and temporary attentional deficits, this study used central(More)
Now high-capacity reversible watermarking has been a popular research topic in image watermarking. Existing algorithms only focus on the control of additional information, but ignore the process of original host image and watermark, so the embedding capacity is not fully utilized. In this paper, a high capacity reversible watermarking algorithm based on(More)