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We isolated human epidermis-derived mesenchymal stem cell-like pluripotent cells (hEMSCPCs) and demonstrate efficient harvesting, maintenance in vitro for at least 30 passages, reprogramming into multiple phenotypes in vivo, and integration into adult host tissues after injection into the mouse blastocyst to create chimeras. Cell phenotype was examined by(More)
The majority of existing recommender systems focus on modeling the ratings; however, these systems ignore a large number of reviews. Existing rating based recommender systems are hard to discover the hidden dimensions in human feedback that can identify user preferences. In this study, we combine collaborative filtering with latent review topics to generate(More)
The prediction of traffic incident duration is an important foundation of advanced incident management system and driver information system. In this paper, actual traffic incident data was used to study the prediction problem of traffic incident duration by the method of neural network. 660 sets of actual traffic incident data from a freeway management(More)
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