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Impulsivity is a pathological hallmark of drug addiction. However, little is known about the neuropsychological underpinnings of this impaired impulsive control network on drug addiction. Twenty two abstinent heroin dependent (HD) subjects and 15 cognitively normal (CN) subjects participated in this study. Resting-state functional connectivity MRI was(More)
However, past studies have not yet provided complete and consistent conclusions on these issues, as shown in Table 1. The main objective of this research is to provide some complementary evidence on the aforementioned issues, hoping to substantiate some of the existing conclusions and explain some of the conflicting findings. The following sections discuss(More)
This research presents a modeling approach to investigate the association of the accident frequency during a snow storm event with road surface conditions, visibility and other influencing factors controlling for traffic exposure. The results have the premise to be applied for evaluating different maintenance strategies using safety as a performance(More)
To identify the optimal time window for capturing perfusion information from early 11C-PIB imaging frames (perfusion PIB, 11C-pPIB) and to compare the performance of 18F-FDG PET and "dual biomarker" 11C-PIB PET [11C-pPIB and amyloid PIB (11C-aPIB)] for classification of AD, MCI and CN subjects. Forty subjects (14 CN, 12 MCI and 14 AD patients) underwent(More)
BACKGROUND Gastric carcinoma and primary gastric lymphoma (PGL) are the two most common malignancies in stomach. The purpose of this study was to screen and validate a biomarker of (18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography ((18)F-FDG PET/CT) for distinguishing advanced gastric carcinoma (AGC) from PGL for clinical(More)
This paper investigates the feasibility of classifying winter road surface conditions using images from low cost cameras mounted on regular vehicles. RGB features along with gradients have been used as feature vectors. A Support Vector Machine (SVM) is trained using the extracted features and then used to classify the images into their respective(More)
In this paper, we aim to identify the different factors that influence injury severity of highway vehicle occupants, in particular drivers, involved in a vehicle-train collision at highway-railway grade crossings. The commonly used approach to modeling vehicle occupant injury severity is the traditional ordered response model that assumes the effect of(More)
L. Fu, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Room 220, Civil/Electrical Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2G7. L. R. Rilett, Department of Civil Engineering, Room 303D, CE/ TTI Tower, Texas A&M University, College Station, Tex. 77843-3136. The ability to predict the link travel times is a necessary requirement for(More)
BACKGROUND We compared PET/MRI with PET/CT in terms of lesion detection and quantitative measurement to verify the feasibility of the novel integrated imaging modality for oncological applications. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS In total, 285 patients referred to our PET/CT center for oncological indications voluntarily participated in this same-day(More)
This paper tackles the problem of real-time optimal control of traffic flow in a freeway network deployed with coordinated and integrated traffic controllers. One promising approach to this problem is casting the underlying dynamic control problem in a model predictive framework. The challenge is that the resulting optimization problem is computationally(More)