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In this article, particle swarm optimization (PSO), a powerful competitor in the field of numerical optimization, is used to optimize the feedback control parameters of equilibrium point about inverted pendulum. Convertional PSO is easy to be trapped in the local minimums. The improved PSO, which the particles trapped in local minimums are initialized by(More)
The "Control of Fear" project is an interactive art exhibition project to provide the general public an opportunity to experience what it might be occurred to them if their lives were suddenly altered by an unforeseen and unpredictable catastrophic event.The project uses varieties of modern emerging technologies to simulate unpredictable catastrophic events(More)
In this paper we present a novel application which uses 2D barcode for object tracking and event detection. We analyze the relationship between the spatial efficiency of a marker and its robustness against defocusing. Based on our analysis we design a spatially efficient and robust 2D barcode, M-Code (MarkerCode) which can be attached to the surface of(More)
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