Lipeng Xin

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Two-dimensional textured carbon fiber is an excellent electrode material and/or supporting substrate for active materials in fuel cells, batteries, and pseudocapacitors owing to its large surface area, high porosity, ultra-lightness, good electric conductivity, and excellent chemical stability in various liquid electrolytes. And Nickel hydroxide is one of(More)
Here we report a strong piezoelectric activity in (1 - x)(K0.4Na0.6)(Nb0.96Sb0.04)O3-xBi0.5K0.5Zr1-ySnyO3 lead-free ceramics by designing different phase boundaries. The phase boundaries concerning rhombohedral-orthorhombic-tetragonal (R-O-T) and rhombohedral-tetragonal (R-T) multiphase coexistence were attained by changing BKZS and Sn contents and then(More)
Unexpected trails have been seen subsequent to relative bright sources in astronomical images taken with the CCD camera of the Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT) since its first light on the Moon’s surface. The trails can only be found in the serial-direction of CCD readout, differing themselves from image trails of radiation-damaged spaceborne CCDs,(More)
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