Lipa Bodner

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A physical examination procedure was used to evaluate oral motor functions in a population of 257 community-dwelling males and females ranging in age from 23-88 yr. An increased prevalence of altered motor performance with age was found for parameters measuring lip posture and masticatory muscle function. Also, males, but not females, showed a higher(More)
Electroencephalographic (EEG) frequency analysis and evoked potentials (EPs) of 27 hyperactive children were examined to determine which, if any, of these electrophysiological parameters might be useful for the selection of those children likely to respond to stimulant medication. The children were treated with placebo, d-amphetamine, and l-amphetamine in(More)
Three hundred and twenty-two patients (192 male and 130 female) with cystic lesions of the jaw were successfully diagnosed and treated. One hundred and fifty-five (48%) were radicular cysts, 80 (25%) were dentigerous cysts, 23 (7%) were odontogenic keratocyst (=keratocystic odontogenic tumor), 19 (6%) were eruption cysts, 16 (5%) were traumatic bone cysts,(More)
The effectiveness of wound licking in the acceleration of wound healing was evaluated in selectively desalivated mice. Rate of healing of experimentally induced cutaneous wounds was evaluated macroscopically by photography at 0, 2, 4, and 6 days after wounding. Sialadenectomy of submandibular and sublingual glands significantly slowed down wound healing in(More)
Background. Ameloblastic fibroodontoma (AFO) is a rare mixed odontogenic tumor with epithelial and mesenchymal components. AFO presents as a painless swelling in the mandible or maxilla. Radiographs show a well-defined radiolucent area containing various amounts of radiopaque material of irregular size and form. The common treatment is enucleation. It is(More)
Lipid pigment (lipofuscin) was examined in perioral and tongue muscles of aging rats. While in perioral striated muscle the pigmented granules could not be found, a considerable accumulation with aging could be noted in the tongue muscle. Unlike the human tongue muscle, in which the pigmented granules were stored in clusters of different sizes at the(More)
The production of pilocarpine-stimulated parotid saliva was evaluated in young adult and aged male and female rats. Parotid salivary flow rate was about 50% lower in aged animals of both sexes. Saliva of aged animals had the same Na+ concentration as that of young rats but contained about 40% more protein. Salivary K+ concentration was similar in young and(More)
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