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BACKGROUND AND METHODS Women with ductal carcinoma in situ have been treated both by lumpectomy and by lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy, but the benefit of combined therapy is uncertain. A group of 818 women with ductal carcinoma in situ were randomly assigned to undergo lumpectomy or lumpectomy followed by breast irradiation (50 Gy). Sufficient(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of leucovorin-modulated fluorouracil (5-FU) as adjuvant therapy for patients with Dukes' stage B and C colon cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Data are presented from 1,081 patients with Dukes' stage B and C carcinoma of the colon entered into National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP)(More)
INTRODUCTION The Short Anxiety Screening Test (SAST), an easily administered rating scale, was developed to standardize the detection of anxiety disorder in the elderly, even, and especially, in the presence of depression. The instrument also included somatic complaints, often the manifestation of anxiety in the elderly. Failure to relate to the anxiety(More)
Increased systemic inflammation and oxidative stress are well established as nontraditional key players in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and are also involved in the innate immunity dysregulation in hemodialysis (HD) patients. The study aim was to investigate the effect of 1-year intake of pomegranate juice, an antioxidant source, on oxidative stress,(More)
Salivary flow rate and composition, oral microflora and clinical manifestations of radiation damage were studied in 32 patients treated with external irradiation to head and neck areas. Several parameters were investigated: field arrangement, amount of salivary glands irradiated, clinical manifestations such as dryness of the mouth, taste impairment,(More)
Breast cancer remains the major malignant disease among Israeli women, with about 4,000 new cases diagnosed annually, and a steadily increasing incidence rates. Early in this century investigators noted that nulliparity and a history of never having breastfed were more common in women with breast cancer than without the disease. Epidemiological evidence on(More)
The study reports a gradient in adhering to a recommended health behavior-mammography screening. Data were collected on 951 Israeli women, aged 50-74, who were mailed an invitation to a prescheduled mammography screening appointment and were later phone interviewed about their background, their other health behaviors and their health perceptions related to(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The Barthel Index for assessing activities of daily living (ADL) was developed particularly for young stroke patients, but it now has a wider application in the geriatric assessment profile. This study tests the validity of the Barthel Index by self-report in the old-old (> or = 75 years). If more than 10% of the studied population(More)
The hemodialysis (HD) procedure induces oxidative stress (OS), which is further aggravated by intravenous (IV) iron administration, aimed at correcting anemia of patients with HD. We have recently shown that 1 year of pomegranate juice (PJ) intake attenuated OS and inflammation in patients with HD. In the current study, we hypothesized that a single dose of(More)
The objectives of this study were to determine the impact of different personal invitations on screening mammography attendance and to clarify the influence of personal characteristics and health-related attitudes and behaviors on compliance. One thousand and five hundred women, aged 50-74 years, were randomly selected in the city of Haifa. Four letters of(More)