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INTRODUCTION The Short Anxiety Screening Test (SAST), an easily administered rating scale, was developed to standardize the detection of anxiety disorder in the elderly, even, and especially, in the presence of depression. The instrument also included somatic complaints, often the manifestation of anxiety in the elderly. Failure to relate to the anxiety(More)
BACKGROUND Uncorrected refractive error is the leading cause of visual impairment in children. In 2002 a screening project was launched in Israel to provide data on the effectiveness of the illiterate E-chart in identifying Jewish and Arab schoolchildren in need of a comprehensive eye examination. OBJECTIVES To present the aims, design and initial results(More)
INTRODUCTION Depression in the elderly is frequently detected by screening instruments and often accompanied by anxiety. We set out to study if anxiety will affect the ability to detect depression by a screening instrument. OBJECTIVE To validate the short Zung depression rating scale in Israeli elderly and to study the affect of anxiety on its validity.(More)
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