Lionel Saliou

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This paper presents a novel framework for network security, and provides a complete solution to integrated security policies, which meets the objectives of an organisation, and also an automated verification process. The framework uses a security compiler, which converts high-level abstract definitions of the objectives of an organisation, and its security(More)
Forensics investigations can be flawed for many reasons, such as that they can lack any real evidence of an incident. Also, it can be the case that the legal rights of an individual has been breached, or that the steps taken in the investigation cannot be verified. This paper outlines an integrated framework for both data gathering, using mobile and static(More)
The study of copper and zinc in 35 patients, over periods of up to 21 days following thermal injury, is marked by an important and early fall in serum copper and zinc levels. The maximum intensity of the biological disturbance appears about two days after the injury. Reversion to near normal values coincides with recovery from the large part of the lesions.(More)
Many computing-related programmes and modules have many problems caused with large class sizes, large-scale plagiarism, module franchising, and an increasing requirement from students for increased amounts of hands-on, practical work. This paper presents a practical computer networks module which uses a mixture of on-line examinations and a practical(More)
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