Lionel Riou França

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Although there are almost thirty-thousand species of fish living in a great variety of habitats and utilizing vast reproductive strategies, our knowledge of morphofunctional and quantitative aspects of testis structure and spermatogenesis is still incipient for this group of vertebrates. In this review, we discuss aspects that are important to better(More)
BACKGROUND Recombinant human activated protein C (rhAPC) has been reported to be cost-effective in severely ill septic patients in studies using data from a pivotal randomized trial. We evaluated the cost-effectiveness of rhAPC in patients with severe sepsis and multiple organ failure in real-life intensive care practice. METHODS We conducted a(More)
Thyroid hormones participate in regulating growth and homeostatic processes in vertebrates, including development and adult functioning of the reproductive system. Here we report a new stimulatory role of thyroid hormone on the proliferation of Sertoli cells (SCs) and single, type A undifferentiated spermatogonia (A(und)) in adult zebrafish testes. A role(More)
Similar to mammals, in fish the cellular interactions between Sertoli cells (SC) and germ cells (GC) in the seminiferous epithelium have important structural and functional roles. In this review, we give a brief summary of these interactions, in particular those on the cell junctions. Despite the scarcity of detailed empirical data, it appears that both(More)
Although the goat is an economically important domestic mammal, there are very few data available in the literature for male reproductive biology in this species, mainly data related to testis morphometry obtained with high-quality light microscopy. Work recently developed in our laboratory found that the duration of the seminiferous epithelium cycle in(More)
Although the use of germ cell transplantation has been relatively well established in mammals, the technique has only been adapted for use in fish after entering the 2000s. During the last decade, several different approaches have been developed for germ cell transplantation in fish using recipients of various ages and life stages, such as blastula-stage(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate the budget impact implied by the introduction of rituximab after failure of one or more anti-TNFalpha therapies in the perspective of the French health care system. METHODS A Markov model reproduced the course, over 4years, of patients treated either by infliximab, etanercept, adalimumab or RTX, after failure of one or more(More)
The morphometric study of spermatogenic cysts in sexually mature tilapias, during the evolution of spermatogenesis, showed a dramatic increase in both number of germ cells and cyst volume. However, the opposite trend was observed for germ cell size. Nevertheless, the number of Sertoli cells increased gradually up to leptotene/zygotene cysts, stabilizing(More)
Modeling consists in aggregating separate pieces of knowledge, according to a given structure and rules. It allows studying the behavior of more or less complex systems by simulation techniques. Modeling is used in different state-of-the-art technological domains (meteorology, aeronautics). Its use has grown for the evaluation(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of normative perceptions (social norms) on heavy episodic drinking (HED) behavior is well known in the U.S. college setting, but little work is available in other cultural contexts. The objective of this study is therefore to assess whether social norms of alcohol use are related to HED in France, taking account of other influential(More)