Lionel Loubersac

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The Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) was launched in March 2002 and has been providing images since June 2002. Before its launch, we had implemented a method to improve its resolution by merging its images with Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper images in order to preserve the best characteristics of the two images (spatial, spectral, temporal).(More)
−Bathymetric estimation using remote sensing images has previously been applied to high spatial resolution imagery such as CASI, Ikonos or SPOT but not on medium spatial resolution images (i.e. MeRIS). This choice can be justified when there is a need to map the bathymetry on large areas. In this letter we present the results of the bathymetry estimation(More)
AIMS Exopolysaccharides (EPS) are industrially valuable molecules with numerous useful properties. This study describes the techniques used for the identification of a novel Vibrio bacterium and preliminary characterization of its EPS. METHODS AND RESULTS Bioprospection in marine intertidal areas of New Caledonia followed by screening for EPS producing(More)
Spatial data mining requires the analysis of the interactions in space. The conventional data mining algorithms do not support well this type of analysis. We present in this paper an approach based on inductive logic programming (ILP). It is based on two ideas. The first one consists in materializing these interactions using distance tables, so that the(More)
NAM!B!E (a French acronym for Integrated Multimedia Navigator Within Coastal Environment Data Bases) is a specific tool which first concept has been established by Ifremer and has been developed by an association between research in the 11eld of coastal environment, innovation in the field of new information and communication technologies and services in(More)
On the morning of the 31 October 2000, the Italian chemical tanker “Ievoli Sun” sank in the central Channel. Her cargo presented a risk of contamination for the marine environment and nearby coastal environment. From the moment the sinking was announced, Ifremer decided to implement, in almost real time, tools to produce and communicate environmental data.(More)
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