Lionel Jouffe

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Nowadays, the complex manufacturing processes have to be dynamically modelled and controlled to optimise the diagnosis and the maintenance policies. This article presents a methodology that will help developing Dynamic Object Oriented Bayesian Networks (DOOBNs) to formalise such complex dynamic models. The goal is to have a general reliability evaluation of(More)
PURPOSE Recently, two independent loci located at 8q24 that contribute to prostate cancer risk in men of European origin were identified. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Using Bayesian probability network and logistic regression model, we searched for associations between 34 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) located at 8q24 and the aggressiveness patterns of(More)
The work reported here presents an original method to model dependability of systems, taking into account degradations and failure modes governed by exogenous constraints. The component degradation dynamics is considered as a semi-Markov process. Environmental behaviour introduces switching models conditioned by exogenous constraints. Dynamic Bayesian(More)
Current ante mortem inspection involves a check of relevant Food Chain Information (FCI) transmitted by the farmer to the slaughterhouse on a regulatory FCI document. Since 2000, a farm sanitary form with FCI data has been used for all consignments of broiler chickens in France. However, the FCI needs to be standardized for the collection and interpretation(More)
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