Lionel Jacques

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Radio interferometry probes astrophysical signals through incomplete and noisy Fourier measurements. The theory of compressed sensing demonstrates that such measurements may actually suffice for accurate reconstruction of sparse or compressible signals. We propose new generic imaging techniques based on convex optimization for global minimization problems(More)
Persistent polyclonal B-cell lymphocytosis (PPBL) is an intriguing disorder diagnosed predominantly in women, usually cigarette smokers, characterized by an increase in the number of polyclonal B lymphocytes. Abnormality of the B-cell population is also evidenced by the presence of multiple bcl-2/Ig gene rearrangements and the finding of an additional long(More)
Persistent polyclonal B-cell lymphocytosis is a benign lymphoproliferative disorder of unknown aetiology occurring exclusively in women, characterized by typical binucleated lymphocytes, polyclonal expansion of B cells and elevated serum IgM. Owing to the role of Bcl-2 oncogene in inhibition of apoptosis, we have investigated the presence of the bcl-2/Ig(More)
The bcl-2 gene belongs to a class of oncogenes involved in the inhibition of apoptosis. Most follicular lymphomas are associated with the t(14;18) translocation that juxtaposes the bcl-2 gene located on chromosome 18 to the immunoglobulin gene locus located on chromosome 14. Consequently, the bcl-2 gene is overly expressed and leads to an accumulation of(More)
The effects of urogenital infection on male fertility are controversial. The object of this study was to assess whether contact between E. coli, one of the bacteria encountered most frequently in semen cultures, and sperm was involved in decreasing motility of the sperm. Sperm from healthy donors were therefore incubated at two concentrations (1.10(7) and(More)
In 105 adults with E.Coli urinary tract infections, IgG coated bacteriuria was found in 8/9 with acute pyelonephritis (PN), 17/20 with chronic PN, and in only 2/76 with lower UTI. IgA was present in 66% of PN, but IgA secretory piece in less than 10%. These urinary IgG antibodies were, at least in part, synthesised in the kidney because serum IgG antibodies(More)
One-hundred women suffering from acute pyelonephritis were hospitalized for less than 4 days on average, in order to make a diagnosis based on bacteriology and computerized tomography (CT) and to bring fever down with a 21-day antibiotic therapy. In cases of acute pyelonephritis due to a urinary tract obstacle, endoscopic uereteral drainage was added to the(More)
Tragopogon dubious is a small herbaceous plant that uses the wind as dispersal vector for its seeds. The seeds are attached to stalked parachutes which increase the aerodynamic drag force on the seeds. This decreases their rate of descent, and hence increases the total distance traveled. The relatively large natural parachute of Tragopogon dubious is an(More)
A model of infection by E. coli 022 of the lower urinary tract in the rat is described. The infection is characterized by the presence in the urine of a large number of E. coli (10(5)-10(7) bacteria per ml). There is pus formation in the urine. A few infected rats also exhibited prostate hypertrophy and the presence of ACB could be detected in some of the(More)