Lionel E. Deimel

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Software inspections are widely regarded as a cost-effective mechanism for removing defects in software, though performing them does not always reduce the number of customer-discovered defects. We present a case study in which an attempt was made to reduce such defects through inspection training that introduced program comprehension ideas. The training was(More)
has been the major communications vehicle for SIGCSE members since 1969. Educators have used it as a place to share their course materials, their research, and their experiences. SIGCSE has used it as a way to keep in touch with members and inform them about events and activities. This session will address the role of the SIGCSE Bulletin in the life of(More)
The Integrated Photogrammetric Instrument Network (IPIN) is being designed and developed by the Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center in St. Louis, Mo. to meet database demands for terrain elevation information. IPIN is a network of computers and instrumentation dedicated to digitizing and editing photo-source terrain data [1]. Editing procedures are(More)
A consequence of the associative property of matrix multiplication is that the product of n matrices can be calculated in (n-1)! ways. Different choices for the multiplication sequence can cause the numbers of scalar multiplications required to vary by several orders of magnitude. The optimal ordering with respect to number of scalar multiplications can be(More)
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