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BACKGROUND half of anticancer drugs are predominantly excreted in urine. Dosage adjustment in renal insufficiency (RI) is, therefore, a crucial issue. Moreover, patients with abnormal renal function are at high risk for drug-induced nephrotoxicity. The Belgian Renal Insufficiency and Anticancer Medications (BIRMA) study investigated the prevalence of RI in(More)
AIM To determine imatinib nonadherence rates in patients with gastrointestinal tumors (GIST) over 90 days. PATIENTS AND METHODS A prospective 90-day observational, open-label, multicenter study was carried out of 28 evaluable GIST patients on imatinib. Nonadherence behavior was measured using a 4-item patient interview. Clinicians, patients, and(More)
A 73-year-old man with a history of malignant orbital melanoma and prostate carcinoma was admitted for progressive visual disturbance. Brain magnetic resonance imaging showed a suprasellar enhancing nodular lesion with major impingement on the anterior optical ways and sellar invasion. The extensive imaging work-up could not demonstrate with certainty its(More)
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