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BACKGROUND After prenatal diagnosis of lethal fetal abnormality (LFA), some couples choose to continue the pregnancy rather than opt for termination of the pregnancy. This may result in the requirement for neonatal palliative care, which in France is prescribed by the Leonetti Law. These rare situations raise various questions about when and how palliative(More)
BACKGROUND When an incurable fetal condition is detected, some women (or couples) would rather choose to continue with the pregnancy than opt for termination of pregnancy for medical reasons, which, in France, can be performed until full term. Such situations are frequently occurring and sometimes leading to the implementation of neonatal palliative care.(More)
BACKGROUND The question whether euthanasia should be legalised has led to substantial public debate in France. The objective of this study in a sample of French physicians was to establish the potential determinants of a favourable opinion about euthanasia in general and when faced with a specific situation as embodied in the Humbert affair. METHODS The(More)
Drugs and cannabis are two complex, multifaceted social objects. Two exploratory research projects were conducted from semi-directive interviews (n = 50) and questionnaires (n = 300) in order to investigate the social representations contained in these two objects according to both the social characteristics of individuals (gender, age) and their proximity(More)
The aim of our research is to highlight the role of social representations of the traumatic brain-injured person in the adjustments made by caregivers in building and maintaining quality of care. Twenty-three semi-structured interviews were conducted with nursing assistants and medico-psychological assistants, working in a long-term care facility. The(More)
AIMS This study is part of a current context raising questions on restraint practices in healthcare at the national and international level. It examines how social representations of restraint organize and shape the discourse of professionals within the context of healthcare and support for sick and/or disabled children. The main objective was to understand(More)
Research that we carried out aimed to analyzing the suffering as an object of the relation of care and common experiment of this relation. In this way, we have conducted 55 interviews with patients and nurses in an oncology unit. The results underline the central role of the relation for giving meaning to the suffering. The knowledge of the suffering(More)
Numerous studies have shown the impact of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) on patient quality of life (QoL), but no research has yet examined the impact of time’s experience in the assessment of QoL in IBD. Our goal is to explore the links between QoL and time perspective (TP) and the role of TP as a determinant of QoL. Data were collected from 156 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Public health is a multidisciplinary activity whose fields of action are acquiring an increasingly broad. The Service de santé des armées (SSA) has always had a culture of public health problems thanks to doctors specialized in the treatment of major diseases. Often involved in public health activities, health professionals nevertheless have a(More)
Suicide attempts (SA) represent a significant public health problem and raise questions wih respect to the best, most appropriate methods for triage and the delivery of care. A prospective investigation to evaluate the quality of SA health care was carried out over a three month period within 18 hospitals having an emergency care unit. A total of 393 youth(More)