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In this paper, a demonstrator called BIOFACE incorporating several facial biometric techniques is described. It includes the well established Eigenfaces and the recently published Tomofaces techniques, which perform face recognition based on facial appearance and dynamics, respectively. Both techniques are based on the space dimensionality reduction and the(More)
  • Lionel Daniel
  • 2008
We theoretically address the problem of reasoning common sensically in uncertain and inconsistent linear knowledge bases.Those bases linearly combine degrees of belief about sentences of a propositional logic, where degrees of belief are assumed to be probabilities. A knowledge base is inconsistent iff no probability function satisfies it. We propose a new(More)
Information fusion in biometrics mostly relates to multi-biometric systems which attempt to improve the performance of individual matchers: multi-sensor, multi-algorithm, multimodal, etc. However, in addition to these scenarios, the need for methods to fuse the individual regional classifiers has also emerged, due to the increasing number of region-based(More)
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