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In mature male sheep, the level of nutrition acutely influences the secretion of reproductive hormones. The mechanism involved is not fully understood but findings in humans and laboratory rodents would suggest a major role for leptin that is secreted from adipose tissue and then travels via the circulation to the central nervous system. Before we can begin(More)
Microscopic analyses of paper printing show some regularly spaced dots whose the shape depends on the technology and the tuning of the printer as well as on the paper properties. The modeling and the identification of paper and ink interactions are required for qualifying the printing quality, for controlling the printing process and also for authentication(More)
The equilibrium of the brain-pituitary-testicular axis is controlled by negative feedback exerted primarily through changes in the circulating concentrations of gonadal steroids. This is usually studied in gonadectomised animals treated with single large doses or constant low levels of exogenous steroid. However, the feedback system probably also contains(More)
ANALYSIS OF THE DIFFERENCE OF GAUSSIANS MODEL IN PERCEPTUAL IMAGE DIFFERENCE METRICS In this report we are going to develop and analyze two new image difference metrics. We will focus on the SCIELAB JOHN SON framework and in particular on the spatial filtering, which will be substituted by the Difference of Gaussians model. Two research questions have been(More)
Evolution has shaped regulatory systems to improve the chance of reproductive success in a somewhat unpredictable environment. One of the more powerful regulators of reproductive function in both sexes is metabolic status, defined as the availability of nutrients and energy to the tissues. Here, we briefly review the basics of the relationship between(More)
The incompatibility of colour gamut is an issue to deal with along all the graphic chain. Gamut mapping algorithms (GMAs) aim to ensure a good correspondence of overall colour appearance between an original image and its reproduction. The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) has written guidelines for the evaluation of GMAs. These recommendations(More)
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