Lionel Buchaillot

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This paper presents a microgripper using an amplification mechanism coupled to an electrostatic linear motor. The gripper design, particularly the principle of the amplification mechanism based on the combination of ground-links and moving pin-joints, is explained. The linear motor is composed of scratch drive actuator inducing the use of electrostatic(More)
This paper presents results about fabrication and operation of electrostatic actuators in liquids with various permittivities. In the static mode, we provide experimental and theoretical demonstration that the pull-in effect can be shifted beyond one third of the initial gap and even be eliminated when electrostatic actuators are operated in liquids. This(More)
— Gallium nitride (GaN) is a wide bandgap semiconductor material and is the most popular material after silicon in the semiconductor industry. The prime movers behind this trend are LEDs, microwave, and more recently, power electronics. New areas of research also include spintronics and nanoribbon transistors, which leverage some of the unique properties of(More)
— This paper presents a new electrostatic MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical System) based on a single high reliability totally free flexible membrane. Using four electrodes, this structure enables four states which allowed large deflections (4µm) with low actuation voltage (7,5V). This design presents also a good contact force and improves the restoring force of(More)
The very significant growth of the wireless communication industry has spawned tremendous interest in the development of high performances radio frequencies (RF) components. Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are good candidates to allow reconfigurable RF functions such as filters, oscillators or antennas. This paper will focus on the MEMS(More)