Lionel Boillot

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IEC-Line Injection Mescreening effectiveness assemblies. Theoretical background and practical implications will be shortly reviewed. As described in the IEC-Standard the upper frequency limit i s given to be 3 GHz. In turn of experimental work to find the upper frequency limit for this method, single and double braided coaxial cables have been tested in the(More)
The level of hardware complexity of current supercomputers is forcing the High Performance Computing (HPC) community to reconsider parallel programming paradigms and standards. The high-level of hardware abstraction provided by task-based paradigms make them excellent candidates for writing portable codes that can consistently deliver high performance(More)
Reverse Time Migration technique produces underground images using wave propagation. A discretization based on the Discontinuous Galerkin Method unleashes a massively parallel elastodynamics simulation, an interesting feature for current and future architectures. In this work, we propose to combine two recent HPC techniques to achieve a high level of(More)
In many applications, RF connectors are subjected to severe environmental vibration. Vibration induces micro-displacements, leading to fretting wear damage in the contact. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of fretting wear on the microwave signal and more precisely on the additive phase noise [1, 2]. A dedicated vibration test was(More)
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