Lionel Beaugé

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Match-on-card (MoC) and match-on-device (MoD) have the privacy advantage of storing and processing the fingerprint template within the card or sensing device, making them unavailable to external applications and the outside world. This paper addresses the fundamental industrial challenges of integrated fingerprint and cryptography based MoC and MoD on(More)
A major problem in connectionist phonetic acoustic decoding is the way to present acoustic signal to the network. Neurobiological data about the inner ear and the primary auditory cortex can be very helpful but are rare. On the other hand, other biological works have shown that structure and functioning of the visual cortex, which have been extensively(More)
Learning and memory are still too rigid in neural networks compared to human characteristics. These artificial networks remain monolithic and not very flexible. Biological data show that the cortex is a set of subsystems which dynamically interact. Moreover, neurobiology has brought to the fore the importance of neuromodulation in these interactions. To(More)
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