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OBJECTIVE Deficits in sensory gating are a common feature of schizophrenia. Failure of inhibitory gating mechanisms, shown by poor suppression of evoked responses to repeated auditory stimuli, has been previously studied using EEG methods. These methods yield information about the temporal characteristics of sensory gating deficits, but do not identify(More)
A young man presenting with recurrent deep venous thrombosis was found to have a lupus type coagulation inhibitor. He showed neither clinical nor serological evidence of systemic lupus. The value of the Russell viper venom coagulation time in the detection of the inhibitor is demonstrated. Anticoagulant therapy has not caused any bleeding complication(More)
CONTEXT Although observational studies suggest that clinical pathways may decrease costs and improve quality in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia, inferences from these studies are limited by potential selection bias and inadequate case-mix adjustment. OBJECTIVE To compare the assessment of a clinical pathway for community-acquired(More)
OBJECTIVE Many studies have evaluated differences in gray matter volume in schizophrenia, but have not considered the possible effects of smoking, which is extraordinarily common in people with the illness. The present study used voxel-based morphometry (VBM) to examine differences in gray matter in subjects with schizophrenia and evaluate the effects of(More)
The authors describe their experience of evaluating a battery of tests to assess function in patients with stroke and head injuries. They consisted of the Abbreviated Mental Test Score, Ravens Progressive Coloured Matrices, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HAD), Motricity Index, Shortened Rivermead Perceptual Assessment Battery (RPAB), Frenchay(More)
The present study examines the online realization of pragmatic meaning using event-related potentials (ERPs). Participants read sentences including the English quantifier some, which has both a semantic meaning (at least one) and a pragmatic meaning (not all). Unlike previous ERP studies of this phenomenon, sentences in the current study were evaluated not(More)
There is evidence of maladaptive attentional biases for lexical information (e.g., Atchley, Ilardi, & Enloe, 2003; Atchley, Stringer, Mathias, Ilardi, & Minatrea, 2007) and for pictographic stimuli (e.g., Gotlib, Krasnoperova, Yue, & Joormann, 2004) among patients with depression. The current research looks for depressotypic processing biases among(More)
The individual roles played by the cerebral hemispheres during the process of language comprehension have been extensively studied in tasks that require individuals to read text (for review see Jung-Beeman, 2005). However, it is not clear whether or not some aspects of the theorized laterality models of semantic comprehension are a result of the modality of(More)
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