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Lily is universally known for its large, showy, fragrant flower, and Sorbonne is one of the best-selling Oriental hybrid lily cultivars. To accelerate lily breeding for more robust, attractive, and disease-resistant cultivars, it is essential to introduce molecular marker-assisted breeding. However, the enormous genome size, of around 36 Gb, is an obstacle(More)
Camellia sinensis synthesizes and emits a large variety of volatile phenylpropanoids and benzenoids (VPB). To investigate the enzymes involved in the formation of these VPB compounds, a new C. sinensis short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase (CsSDR) was isolated, cloned, sequenced, and functionally characterized. The complete open reading frame of CsSDR(More)
BACKGROUND Lymphangioma of the soft tissue is not uncommon. However, as far as the authors know, intraspinal lymphangioma is clinically rare and very few cases have been reported previously. METHODS Two patients who had backache and acratia of the lower limbs and difficulty in relieving themselves were examined by plain radiography and magnetic resonance(More)
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