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Metal nanoparticles are promising catalysts for dye degradation in treating wastewater despite the challenges of recycling and stability. In this study, we have introduced a simple way to prepare Au@polypyrrole (PPy)/Fe3O4 catalysts with Au nanoparticles embedded in a PPy/Fe3O4 capsule shell. The PPy/Fe3O4 capsule shell used as a support was constructed in(More)
Herein, an autocatalytic route to fabricate dual metal ion-equipped organic/inorganic hybrid silica, an ideal precursor for multifunctional silica-based composites integrated with well-dispersed Ag and Co3O4 nanoparticles was demonstrated. Significantly, by rational selection of reactants, such dual metal ion-equipped organic/inorganic hybrid silica can be(More)
Herein, a novel and facile high-yield strategy is reported to efficiently fabricate 1D self-supported Au/CaO nanocatalysts using dual metal co-ordination polymers as templates. Significantly, a uniform distribution of dual metal nanoparticles can be ensured due to the fact that both Ca2+ and Au3+ ions are initially introduced into the co-ordination polymer(More)
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