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Measurements of the gravitational constant using two independent methods
The Newtonian gravitational constant, G, is one of the most fundamental constants of nature, but we still do not have an accurate value for it. Despite two centuries of experimental effort, the valueExpand
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Determination of the Newtonian gravitational constant G with time-of-swing method.
We present a new value of the Newtonian gravitational constant G by using the time-of-swing method. Several improvements greatly reduce the uncertainties: (1) measuring the anelasticity of the fiberExpand
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New determination of the gravitational constant G with time-of-swing method
A new determination of the Newtonian gravitational constant G is presented by using a torsion pendulum with the time-of-swing method. Compared with our previous measurement with the same method,Expand
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Null test of Newtonian inverse-square law at submillimeter range with a dual-modulation torsion pendulum.
A null experimental test of the Newtonian inverse-square law at submillimeter range using a torsion pendulum was presented. Under the dual modulations of both the expected signal and theExpand
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Three New Pigment Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases Inhibitors from the Insect Parasite Fungus Cordyceps gracilioides: Terreusinone A, Pinophilin C and Cryptosporioptide A
Three new pigment compounds—terreusinone A (1), pinophilin C (2) and cryptosporioptide A (3) were isolated from a solid culture of Cordyceps gracilioides. The structures of these compounds wereExpand
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Coupled modes of the torsion pendulum
The coupling of the swing modes of a torsion pendulum to the torsional mode has been solved analytically. Our solution provides a clear explanation of why a magnetic damper is effective inExpand
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Further Support of the Reliability of the Limit on Photon Mass Given by the Rotating Torsion Balance Experiment
We consider there is a vacancy in the plasma in the solar system, and calculate the vector potential produced by the magnetic field frozen in the plasma. The result shows that, in the vacancy, theExpand
On the measurement for the speed of gravity
Newton’s law of gravity is a theory of instantaneous action at a distance. However, Einstein’s general relativity states that the speed of gravity equals the speed of light, which is finite.Expand