Linus Karlsson

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In this paper we present a model-free execution monitor for behavior-based mobile robots. By model-free we mean that the monitoring is based only on the actual execution, without involving any predictive models of the controlled system. Model-free monitors are especially suitable for systems where it is hard to obtain adequate models. In our approach we(More)
In this paper we present some preliminary results regarding a system for developing autonomous agents that combine reactivity to an uncertain and rapidly changing environment and commitment to prespeciied tactics involving cooperation. A central requirement is that the behavior speciication should be done by people who are not computer and AI specialists.(More)
The aim of the GeRT project 1 is to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques for improving the ability of robots to cope with novelty in manipulation tasks. The platform used is DLR's Justin platform (see Figure 1), a two-armed humanoid robot with 44 degrees of freedom. As most other complex robotic platforms with manipulation capabilities, Justin's(More)
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