Linus Becker

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We developed and validated three different sample preparation and extraction methods followed by HPLC-MS/MS (negative electrospray ionization) analysis for the quantification of estrogenic isoflavones (formononetin, daidzein, equol, biochanin A, and genistein) and coumestrol in red clover, soil, and manure. Plant and manure samples were solid-liquid(More)
Concentrations of the insecticide endosulfan (α- and β-isomer) and its degradation product endosulfan sulfate in air, seawater and soil are calculated with the global environmental fate model CliMoChem. As model input, physicochemical properties of all three compounds were assembled and a latitudinally and temporally resolved emission inventory was(More)
Overall persistence (POV) and long-range transport potential (LRTP) of and endosulfan and two of their transformation products, endosulfan sulfate and endosulfan diol, are estimated with two multimedia box models, the OECD POV and LRTP Screening Tool and the global, latitudinally resolved model CliMoChem. The OECD Tool yields POV and LRTP for each compound(More)
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