Linton D Staples

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An in-vitro bioassay for inhibin based on FSH content or release by rat pituitary cells was validated for measuring inhibin activity in ovine plasma and lymph. Dose-dependent increases in inhibin activity were detected in peripheral plasma of 4 ovariectomized ewes 1 min after i.v. injections of ovine follicular fluid, and the half-life of inhibin in plasma(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop an encapsulation method for delivery of vaccines to feral pigs, and quantify the effect of iophenoxic acid on captive feral pig blood iodine concentrations to assist in investigation of factors affecting vaccine uptake. DESIGN AND METHODS Feral pigs were administered iophenoxic acid by oral gavage, and consumption was assessed for(More)
The efficacy of controlled-release melatonin implants to advance the onset of the breeding season was assessed in 1-year-old red deer hinds on five commercial deer farms in various localities in the North Island of New Zealand. Between 44 and 60 hinds in each of six herds were equally divided among treatment and control groups at each site. Melatonin(More)
A total of 18 fallow does, including pubertal, non-pregnant and pregnant adult does (6 per class), each received a single subcutaneous implant containing 18 mg melatonin on 4 occasions at 29-30-day intervals from 10 November 1986 (approximately 120-day treatment period). A further 18 contemporary does served as herd-mate controls. Two adult fallow bucks(More)
Invasive feral swine (Sus scrofa) cause extensive damage to agricultural and wildlife resources throughout the United States. Development of sodium nitrite as a new, orally delivered toxicant is underway to provide an additional tool to curtail growth and expansion of feral swine populations. A micro-encapsulation coating around sodium nitrite is used to(More)
The effects of acute deprivation of progesterone during early pregnancy on the occurrence of maternal leucocytes in uterine tissues was studied in sheep. Ovariectomy on day 21 of pregnancy resulted in a rapid influx of polymorphonuclear (PM) leucocytes into both caruncular and intercaruncular (glandular) endometrium but not into the myometrium. The(More)
The proportions of cows showing oestrus during the first 5 days were 22%, 78% and 87X, and by 25 days were 85%, 92% and 98% for groups 1, 2 and 3 respectively. In group 3, 83% of animals had exhibited oestrus and 49% subsequently conceived to A.I. at the fixed time of 63h. Pregnancy rates after 25 days of mating as determined by rectal palpation were 46%,(More)
Microspheres consisting of a central core of amino acid and binding agents which are coated with a pH sensitive (neutral stable/acid unstable) polymer have been developed by Rhone Poulenc. This new technology allows orally administered amino acids to avoid exposure to and degradation by, rumen microbes but allows bio-availability following release and(More)