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When ideas and tools move from one field to another, the movement is generally from the natural to the social sciences. In recent years, however, there has been a major movement in the opposite direction. The idea of centrality and the tools for its measurement were originally developed in the social science field of social network analysis. But currently(More)
This paper examines the degree to which the constraints imposed by various social contexts influence social interaction. We draw on two data sets. In each, we compare the patterning of interaction of the same individuals across different contexts. If minimal constraints are imposed, then the interaction patterns among the individuals in the two contexts(More)
Social networks provide a rich source of graph drawing problems, because they appear in an incredibly wide variety of forms and contexts. After sketching the scope of social network analysis, we establish some general principles for social network visualization before finally reviewing applications of, and challenges for, graph drawing methods in this area.(More)
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