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This paper deals with a positioning speed and precision control system for the assembly of segments of a shield tunneling machine. First, we design a six degrees of freedom segment erector with electrohydraulic drive. Then, the segment positioning process and the dynamics model of the electrohydraulic system are analyzed theoretically. Segment positioning(More)
To avoid interferences between the mechanical parts of the shield tunneling machine and their adjacent objects, the actual workspace of the thrust mechanism ought to be kept as a subspace of its reachable workspace. Hence, method to determine the reachable workspace of the thrust mechanism is the chief problem to be settled. This paper is focused on(More)
The failure of reducer in tunnel boring machine (TBM) cutter head driving system has not been properly solved owing to the complex influence factors. In this paper, a dynamic model of multi-stage planetary reducer is established and a simulation model of direct torque control (DTC) system is developed to simulate the actual driving torque. By taking account(More)
This paper deals with the control system of the segment erector of a shield tunneling machine and reducing the steady-state error and impact force during the positioning process. A segment erector with six degrees of freedom driven by electro-hydraulic system is designed, and the segment erecting process is introduced. The kinematics and dynamics models, as(More)
This paper is mainly concerned with the technology about how to improve the response of the cutter system when the shield machine encounters sudden load changes. By analyzing the conventional control method of the displacement of the pump, a new control method named as hydrauLic controlled and regulated direct method is proposed. In order to make a(More)
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