Linsen Li

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To date, few studies are conducted to quantify the effects of reduced ammonium (NH4+) and oxidized nitrate (NO3-) on soil CH4 uptake and N2O emission in the subtropical forests. In this study, NH4Cl and NaNO3 fertilizers were applied at three rates: 0, 40 and 120 kg N ha(-1) yr(-1). Soil CH4 and N2O fluxes were determined twice a week using the static(More)
In situ techniques with high temporal, spatial and chemical resolution are key to understand ubiquitous solid-state phase transformations, which are crucial to many technological applications. Hard X-ray spectro-imaging can visualize electrochemically driven phase transformations but demands considerably large samples with strong absorption signal so far.(More)
Nanomaterials with particular nanostructures which usually possess special properties always attract considerable attention. A novel bimetallic Pt/Cu hexapod nanostructure was prepared by a facile one-pot strategy. The formation mechanism was investigated by the time sequential evolution experiments and the hexapod concave nanostructures originated from the(More)
Keywords: Hybrid up-conversion device Organic light-emitting diode MoO 3-doped CuPc Interface layer a b s t r a c t We report a hybrid up-conversion device integrating a In 0.2 Ga 0.8 As/GaAs MQWs photode-tector with an organic light emitting diode (OLED), that converts input 980 nm infrared light to output 520 nm green light. Devices with different(More)
The exponential growth of next generation sequencing (NGS) data has posed big challenges to data storage, management and archive. Data compression is one of the effective solutions, where reference-based compression strategies can typically achieve superior compression ratios compared to the ones not relying on any reference. This paper presents a lossless(More)
A high throughput sample preparation method was developed utilizing mixed-mode solid phase extraction (SPE) in 96-well plate format for the determination of free arachidonic acid in plasma by LC-MS/MS. Plasma was mixed with 3% aqueous ammonia and loaded into each well of 96-well plate. After washing with water and methanol sequentially, 3% of formic acid in(More)
SUMMARY Exhaustive mapping of next-generation sequencing data to a set of relevant reference sequences becomes an important task in pathogen discovery and metagenomic classification. However, the runtime and memory usage increase as the number of reference sequences and the repeat content among these sequences increase. In many applications, read mapping(More)
Soil microbial communities play an essential role in soil carbon (C) emission and C sequestration in forest ecosystems. However, little information is available regarding the relationship between soil C dynamics and microbial substrate utilization at large scales. Along the North–South Transect of Eastern China (NSTEC), seven forests representative of(More)
Effects of doping molybdenum oxide (MoO 3) in copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) as hole injection layer in OLEDs are studied. A green OLED with structure of ITO/MoO 3-doped CuPc/NPB/10-(2-benzothiazolyl)-(C545T): tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq 3)/Alq 3 /LiF/Al shows the driving voltage of 4.4 V, and power efficiency of 4.3 lm/W at luminance of 100 cd/m(More)
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