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Levels of arsenic in water from Meager Creek hot springs, British Columbia, Canada, were found to be naturally elevated. Biota including microbial mats, green algae, sedge, cedar, fleabane, monkey flower, moss, mushrooms and lichens, that were expected to be impacted by the water, were analyzed for total levels of arsenic and for arsenic species. The major(More)
The efficiency of in vitro culture systems for a premeiotic female germ cell is still low, mostly because of our incomplete understanding of the mechanisms controlling oogenesis and the obvious difficulties in reproducing the complex in vivo environment of such a process under in vitro conditions. Here we explored the possibility of recovering the(More)
A copper/DIPEA-catalyzed, aldehyde-induced intermolecular decarboxylative coupling reaction of natural α-amino acids and phosphites or secondary phosphine oxides was developed. In this process, a series of potentially useful ligands for organic synthesis and biologically important unnatural amino acid derivatives (tertiary amino phosphorus compounds) were(More)
The catalytic asymmetric phospha-Michael reaction of dialkyl phosphine oxides with β,β-disubstituted α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds was achieved. The products bearing tetrasubstituted carbon stereocenters were obtained in high yields with excellent enantioselectivities (up to >99% ee).
The successful design and application of a new type of N-phenyl-imidazole-modified α-heteroatom ketones in asymmetric anti-selective Michael reactions with β-trans-nitroalkenes is reported. High yields and enantioselectivities could be obtained, and the corresponding conjugate adducts could be further transformed into related chiral esters and cyclopropane(More)
A C-C bond-forming conjugate reaction was successfully applied to the enantioselective dearomatization of β-naphthols. A C(sp2)-C(sp3) bond is formed by using propargylic ketones as reactive partners. Good to excellent Z/E ratios and ee values were obtained by employing an in situ generated magnesium catalyst. Further transformations of the Z-configured C-C(More)
We previously reported a series of novel endomorphin analogs with unnatural amino acid modifications. These analogs display good binding affinity and functional activity toward the μ opioid receptor (MOP). In the present study, we further investigated the spinal antinociceptive activity of these compounds. The analogs were potent in several nociceptive(More)
Surface O3 was monitored continuously during Aug. 12, 2010 to Jul. 21, 2011 at a high elevation site (3,200 m above sea level) in Qinghai Lake area (36°58'37″N, 99°53'56″E) in Northeast Tibetan Plateau, China. Daily average O3 ranged from 21.8 ppbv to 65.3 ppbv with an annual average of 41.0 ppbv. Seasonal average of O3 followed a decreasing order of(More)