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This paper presents some theoretical analysis for the neural oscillator, which is widely applied in the robot and biped control. The methods adopted here include stability theory, describing function, and linear piecewise analysis. Some prime properties of the neural oscillator such as the frequency determining, boundness, and stability are exploited. The(More)
To reduce the ship wave-making resistance, the lines of the bulbous bow of a hull are optimized by an automatic optimization platform at the ship design stage. Parametric modeling was applied to the hull by using non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS). The Rankine-source panel method was used to calculate the wave-making resistance. A hybrid optimization(More)
Many patients suffer from the spinal cord diseases, a proper modeling and control of human motor system will help to improve the prognosis of them. This paper presents an integrated model to describe the static and dynamic characters of spinal neuro-musculoskeletal system based on the currently accepted theories and hypothesis in biological motor control.(More)
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