Linqi Zhou

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BACKGROUND There are a wide range of phenotypes that are due to loss-of-function or null mutations. Previously, the functions of gene products that distinguish essential from nonessential genes were characterized. However, the functions of products of non-essential genes that contribute to fitness remain minimally understood. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Using data(More)
The increasing demand for the identification of genetic variation responsible for common diseases has translated into a need for sophisticated methods for effectively prioritizing mutations occurring in disease-associated genetic regions. In this article, we prioritize candidate nonsynonymous single-nucleotide polymorphisms (nsSNPs) through a bioinformatics(More)
Identifying factors affecting gene expression variation is a challenging problem in genetics. Previous studies have shown that the presence of TATA box, the number of cis-regulatory elements, gene essentiality, and protein interactions significantly affect gene expression variation. Nonetheless, the need to obtain a more complete understanding of such(More)
Radom noise attenuation method by contourlet transform is researChed in this paper. Compared with wavelet transform, the contourlet transform proposed by Do and VetterLi offers a high degree of directionaLity and anisotropy, and it represents images sparser. Consequently, contourlet transform can obtain better denoising result than wavelet transform when a(More)
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