Lino Palacios-Cruz

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Searching, defined for the purpose of the present study as the displacement of an individual to locate resources, is a fundamental behavior of all mobile organisms. In humans this behavior underlies many aspects of everyday life, involving cognitive processes such as sustained attention, memory and inhibition. We explored the performance of 36(More)
Systematic reviews (SR) are studies made in order to ask clinical questions based on original articles. Meta-analysis (MTA) is the mathematical analysis of SR. These analyses are divided in two groups, those which evaluate the measured results of quantitative variables (for example, the body mass index -BMI-) and those which evaluate qualitative variables(More)
The analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) is based on the general linear models. This technique involves a regression model, often multiple, in which the outcome is presented as a continuous variable, the independent variables are qualitative or are introduced into the model as dummy or dichotomous variables, and factors for which adjustment is required(More)
The complexity of the causality phenomenon in clinical practice implies that the result of a maneuver is not solely caused by the maneuver, but by the interaction among the maneuver and other baseline factors or variables occurring during the maneuver. This requires methodological designs that allow the evaluation of these variables. When the outcome is a(More)
Survival analyses are commonly used to determine the time of an event (for example, death). However, they can be used also for other clinical outcomes on the condition that these are dichotomous, for example healing time. These analyses only consider the relationship of one variable. However, Cox proportional hazards model is a multivariate analysis of the(More)
When we think about mathematical models, such as linear regression model, we think that these terms are only used by those engaged in research, a notion that is far from the truth. Legendre described the first mathematical model in 1805, and Galton introduced the formal term in 1886. Linear regression is one of the most commonly used regression models in(More)
Bioethics in research is an essential part of the structured review process of an article and it is based on three fundamental principles: respect for persons, beneficence and justice. In addition to not providing valid knowledge, a research with inadequate design, execution and statistical analysis is not ethical either, since these methodological(More)
INTRODUCTION In order to make a valid adult ADHD diagnostic, the clinician must overcome a series of difficulties, the main of which may be the fact that the current DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for ADHD were designed for children, hence having valid and reliable instruments in order to screen for possible patients be very helpful. OBJECTIVE To validate the(More)
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