Lino P Oliveira

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Moderate physical activity when performed on a regular basis presents a number of benefits to the whole organism, especially regarding immune system function, such as augmenting resistance to infections and to cancer growth. Although glutamine production by active muscle cells as well as neuroendocrine alterations mediated by the chronic adaptation to(More)
Striated muscle activity is always accompanied by oxidative stress (OxStress): the more intense muscle work and/or its duration, the more a redox imbalance may be attained. In spite of cardiac muscle functioning continuously, it is well known that the heart does not suffer from OxStress-induced damage over a broad physiological range. Although the(More)
Background:Acute ingestion of bitter melon (BM) has been shown to suppress the postprandial glycemic response in diabetics, but its impact on glucose regulation among individuals with impaired glucose tolerance is unclear. Moreover, one’s glucose tolerance level may influence the effectiveness of BM. This study aimed to examine the acute effects of a(More)
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