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The use of Web 2.0 applications in learning and teaching (L&T) has intensified in recent years, more driven by teachers and students than by educational institutions strategy. This paper presents an ongoing project that implements a platform for creating personal learning environments controlled by students, integrating Web 2.0 applications and content(More)
The LMS plays a decisive role in most eLearning environments. Although they integrate many useful tools for managing eLearning activities, they must also be effectively integrated with other specialized systems typically found in an educational environment such as Repositories of Learning Objects or ePortfolio Systems. Both types of systems evolved(More)
1 — The Spoken Language Systems Lab was formally created in 2001, bringing together the expertise of several research groups that shared a common goal: to bridge the gap between natural spoken language and the underlying semantic information, focusing on European Portuguese. This paper describes our efforts towards this long-term goal, starting by the two(More)
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