Linnea I Jansson

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The evolution of oncogene-transducing retroviruses was followed by studying the genomes of five new, erbB carrying retroviruses. These viruses, isolated from cells of one chicken infected with Rous Associated virus 1 (RAV-1), had captured c-erbB sequences as a consequence of RAV-1 integration into the host genome. Their genome structures were distinct;(More)
Telomerase is required to maintain repetitive G-rich telomeric DNA sequences at chromosome ends. To do so, the telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) subunit reiteratively uses a small region of the integral telomerase RNA (TER) as a template. An essential feature of telomerase catalysis is the strict definition of the template boundary to determine the(More)
Rapamycin is a naturally occurring macrolide whose target is at the core of nutrient and stress regulation in a wide range of species. Despite well-established roles as an inhibitor of cap-dependent mRNA translation, relatively little is known about its effects on other modes of RNA processing. Here, we characterize the landscape of rapamycin-induced(More)
RNA surveillance by the Nonsense Mediated Decay (NMD) pathway eliminates potentially deleterious transcripts containing Premature Termination Codons (PTCs). The transition from a pioneering round of translation to steady state translation is hypothesized to be a major checkpoint in this process. One hallmark of mRNAs licensed for translation is the exchange(More)
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