Linnea Bartlett

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A lyophilized recombinant factor IX (rFIX) formulation has been developed that is stable and contains no preservatives. No blood or plasma products are used in the production or formulation of rFIX. The formulation contains 10 mmol/L histidine, 0.26 mol/L glycine, 1% sucrose, and 0.005% polysorbate-80 (pH 6.8). Polysorbate-80 acts as a protectant for the(More)
We propose that the commonly observed red coloration of insect-induced plant galls is due to the production of exogenous cytokinins by gall-inducing insects. A growing body of evidence indicates that gall-inducing insects, bacteria, and fungi produce cytokinins. We hypothesize that gall induction generally requires an exogenous source of cytokinin and(More)
The mechanism of gall induction by insects has remained elusive. Previous studies have met with limited success in attempting to induce galls by injection or application of chemical compounds. To determine whether an exogenous source of phytohormones plays a role in gall induction, we injected cytokinin (CK), auxin (IAA), gibberellic acid (GA), and abscisic(More)
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