Linna Pang

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Many industrial control systems use programmable logic controllers (PLCs) since they provide a highly reliable, off-the-shelf hardware platform. On the programming side, function blocks (FBs) are reusable components provided by the PLC supplier that can be combined to implement the required system behaviour. A higher quality system may be realized if the(More)
A critical step towards certifying safety-critical systems is to check their conformance to hard realtime requirements. A promising way to achieve this is by building the systems from pre-verified components and verifying their correctness in a compositional manner. We previously reported a formal approach to verifying function blocks (FBs) using tabular(More)
The trip computers for the two reactor shutdown systems of the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) Darlington Nuclear Power Generating Station are being refurbished due to hardware obsolescence. For one of the systems, the general purpose computer originally used is being replaced by a programmable logic controller (PLC). The trip computer application software(More)
Carbon nanodots (C-dots) have attracted great attention for their biocompatibility and strong tunable photoluminescence (PL). However, aggregation-induced PL quenching blocks their practical application in solid-state optoelectronics. Here, we report a luminescent C-dots freestanding film with a substantially enhanced high quantum yield (QY) of 72.3%. A(More)
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