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Cromolyn sodium (CS, disodium cromoglycate) is an antiasthmatic and antiallergenic drug. The solid-state behavior of CS is still not completely understood. CS forms nonstoichiometric hydrates and sorbs and liberates water in a continuous manner, although with hysteresis. The reported continuous changes in crystal lattice parameters of CS, which are(More)
Purpose. To investigate the mechanism by which Tween 80 impedes the dissolution of CI-1041, a poorly water-soluble compound in its free form. Methods. Bulk powder and intrinsic dissolution (ID) of CI-1041 in 0.1 N HCl with various concentrations of Tween 80 were conducted. The residual solids of the dissolution experiments were characterized. The surface(More)
Purpose. Nedocromil sodium (NS), which is used in the treatment ofreversible obstructive airway diseases, such as asthma, has been foundto exist in the following solid phases: the heptahemihydrate, thetrihydrate, a monohydrate, an amorphous phase, which contains variableamounts of water, and a recently discovered methanol + water (MW)solvate. Our aim was to(More)
In this paper, we estimate the impact of FDI on economic growth in host countries by proposing a new semiparametric quantile panel data model with correlated random effects for fixed T , in which some of the coefficients are allowed to depend on some smooth economic variables while other coefficients remain constant. A three-stage estimation procedure based(More)
An effective method for the analysis of a new type composite antioxidant has been developed. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with diode-array detection (DAD) interfaced to atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-mass spectrometry (APCI-MS) was used. In this paper, the major components of the composite antioxidant additive were identified by(More)
Training sets are usually chosen so that they represent the database as a whole; random selection helps to maintain this integrity. In this study, the prediction of aqueous solubility was used as a specific example of using the individual molecule for which solubility is desired, the target molecule, as the basis for choosing a training set. Similarity of(More)
We have studied the photoexcitation dynamics in electrochemically polymerized polythiophene thin films using transient photomodulation spectroscopy measured from 100 fs to 20 ms in the spectral range from 0.25 to 2.2 eV, and by the novel technique of absorption-detected magnetic resonance (ADMR). Our results show that photogenerated exciton polarons are(More)