Linn-Heidi Lunde

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This study provides a meta-analytic review of cognitive and behavioural interventions for chronic pain in the elderly, focusing on treatment effectiveness. Included in the analysis are studies in which a comparison was made either to a control condition or to pre-treatment. A total of 12 outcome studies published or reported between January 1975 and March(More)
OBJECTIVES The relationship between chronic pain and sleep disturbances is not yet fully understood, despite much evidence linking them. Polysomnography is the gold standard for assessing sleep architecture, and in this naturalistic study, we wanted to compare both macrostructure and microstructure sleep variables in older chronic pain patients with healthy(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine characteristics of sleep and sleep complaints in older persons with chronic pain, as compared to older persons with neither sleep complaints nor chronic pain, on the basis of objective and subjective sleep assessment. METHODS Forty-three older adults (60 to 81 y) with chronic pain and 29 older adults (55 to 85 y) without sleep(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain is a serious and frequent health problem in elderly people. We have assessed main characteristics of chronic pain in elderly patients referred to a Norwegian multidisciplinary pain clinic. MATERIAL AND METHODS Medical records were assessed for patients with chronic pain who were at least 60 years old (n = 48) and treated at the(More)
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