Linn Emilie Sævil Helljesen

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Ultrasound as an acoustic imaging modality suffers from various kinds of noise. The presence of noise especially hinders the 3D visualization of ultrasound data, both in terms of resolving the spatial occlusion of the signal by surrounding noise, and mental decoupling of the signal from noise. This paper presents a novel type of structurepreserving filter(More)
Real-time three-dimensional (also known as 4D) ultrasound imaging using matrix array probes has the potential to create large-volume information of entire organs such as the liver without external tracking hardware. This information can in turn be placed into the context of a CT or MRI scan of the same patient. However for such an approach many image(More)
In recent years medical ultrasound has experienced a rapid development in the quality of real-time 3D ultrasound (US) imaging. The image quality of the 3D volume that was previously possible to achieve within the range of a few seconds, is now possible in a fraction of a second. This technological advance offers entirely new opportunities for the use of US(More)
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