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Existing studies have utilized Wikipedia for various knowledge acquisition tasks. However, no attempts have been made to explore multi-level topic knowledge contained in Wikipedia articles' Contents tables. The articles with similar subjects are grouped together into Wikipedia categories. In this work, we propose novel methods to automatically construct(More)
This paper presents the results of RiMOM-IM in the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (OAEI) 2014. We only participated in IM@OAEI2014. We first describe the overall framework of our matching System (RiMOM-IM); then we detail the techniques used in the framework for instance matching. Last, we give a thorough analysis on our results and discuss some(More)
Instance matching, which aims at discovering the correspondences of instances between knowledge bases, is a fundamental issue for the ontological data sharing and integration in Semantic Web. Although considerable instance matching approaches have already been proposed, how to ensure both high accuracy and efficiency is still a big challenge when dealing(More)
Dirichlet process mixture model (DPM-M) has great potential for detecting the underlying structure of data. Extensive studies have applied it for text clustering in terms of topics. However, due to the unsupervised nature, the topic clusters are always less satisfactory. Considering that people often have some prior knowledge about which potential topics(More)
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