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Currently, levulinic acid (LA) and formic acid (FA) are considered as important carbohydrates for the production of value-added chemicals. Their direct production from biomass will open up a new opportunity for the transformation of biomass resource to valuable chemicals. In this study, one-pot transformation of cellobiose into LA and FA was demonstrated,(More)
It is highly desired to improve the photoelectrochemical (PEC) performance of nanosized WO3 by artificially modulating the photogenerated electrons and holes simultaneously. Herein, WO3 nanoplates have been successfully prepared by a simple one-pot two-phase separated hydrolysis-solvothermal method, and then co-modified with RGO and phosphate acid(More)
copper specimen grids (300 meshes) with formvar/carbon (Beijing XXBR Technology Co.) were employed as received without further purifications. Deionized (DI) water (resistance >18.2 MΩ • cm-1) was used in all of our experiments. Characterization: Nitrogen physisorption isotherms were measured at 77 K with a static volumetric instrument Autosorb-6b (Quanta(More)
A new hexaprismane Co(II)6(μ3-OH)6 cluster-based three-dimensional coordination polymer ({Co(μ3-OH)(HCOO)0.72(CH3COO)0.28}n, Co6-CP) was successfully synthesized and characterized with single-crystal XRD, IR spectra, TGA spectra and elemental analysis. Co6-CP was used as an effective heterogeneous catalyst for the aerobic epoxidation of various alkenes. For(More)
In this report, three new metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), [Co3(μ3-OH)(HBTC)(BTC)2Co(HBTC)]·(HTEA)3·H2O (NTU-Z30), [Co(BTC)]·HTEA·H2O (NTU-Z31), [Co3(BTC)4]·(HTEA)4 (NTU-Z32), where H3BTC = 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylic acid, TEA = triethylamine, and NTU = Nanyang Technological University, have been successfully synthesized under surfactant media and have been(More)
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