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In recent decades, several optimization-based methods have been developed for the proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller design, and the common feature of these methods is that the controller has only one adjustable parameter. To keep the closed-loop systems stable is an essential requirement for the optimization-based PID controllers. In almost(More)
this paper, the problems of stabilizing integral plants with time delay using the classical proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers and the practical single-parameter (containing only one adjustable parameter) PID controllers are considered, respectively. The complete set of stabilizing parameters of the classical PID controller for the integral(More)
In this paper a novel ratio control scheme is proposed for stable and unstable processes with time delay. The proposed ratio control system consists of two control loops with two-degrees-of-freedom control structure, which decouples the set-point response of each loop from its disturbance response. Two ratio controllers separately for the set-point and load(More)
A simple and effective method to determine the region of fractional-order PI<sup>&#x03BB;</sup>D<sup>&#x03BC;</sup> controllers that can stabilize a given fractional-order system with time delay is proposed in this paper. For each known proportional, integral or derivative gain in the PI<sup>&#x03BB;</sup>D<sup>&#x03BC;</sup> controllers, the stability(More)
A new deadline driven disk scheduling algorithm designed for multimedia servers. The proposed algorithm supports real time requests with fuzzy deadlines for different object classes in multimedia and video information processing. The goal of scheduling is to find an optimal assignment of priorities such that the satisfaction associated with deadline is(More)