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This paper presents a document retrieval technique that is capable of searching document images without optical character recognition (OCR). The proposed technique retrieves document images by a new word shape coding scheme, which captures the document content through annotating each word image by a word shape code. In particular, we annotate word images by(More)
With large databases of document images available, a method for users to find keywords in documents will be useful. One approach is to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on each document followed by indexing of the resulting text. However, if the quality of the document is poor or time is critical, complete OCR of all images is infeasible. This(More)
A common problem encountered in recognizing real-scene symbols is the perspective deformation. In this paper, a recognition method resistant to perspective deformation is proposed, based on Cross-Ratio Spectrum descriptor. This method shows good resistance to severe perspective deformation and good discriminating power to similar symbols.
This paper reports a statistical script identification technique that determines the script of document images, especially camera-based images which suffer from perspective distortion. The identification technique represents a document image by a frequency vector of affine invariant signatures of characters, and identifies the script by comparing the vector(More)
Categorization of imaged documents is a useful technique for building document image based digital libraries. This paper investigates techniques to improve categorization accuracy on OCR text, particularly that of biomedical imaged documents. Experiments with different feature selection methods were run to explore their effect on the categorization(More)
Document scripts and document orientations are important information for the document digitalization. Prior work has been reported to identify document scripts and document orientations, whereas most reported methods are very sensitive to document skew and low image resolution. This paper reports a document script and document orientation identification(More)